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Engaging Activity of the Week

jabberwockyUsually, my 4U students read poems, and we analyze and discuss them. They hate it. This week, in e-learning, I tried a new activity. I’m trying to show them that sometimes we don’t need to know what every word means in a poem to understand it (or to LIKE it).A lot of times students see a word they don’t know, and then they instantly don’t like the poem any longer. I want to change that.
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Do You Find Talking About Assessment Interesting?

bored-cat_work-600x384Don’t read this post. It’s boring. Yes. I said it. I don’t like talking about assessment. I think a lot about assessment. I employ a variety of assessments. I triangulate assessment. I consider assessment for, of and as learning. I love assessment. I’m interested in how other people use assessment. I just feel like perhaps no one wants to hear me talk about assessment.

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Backward Design for E-Learning (ENG4U sample)

I’m working on adapting some lessons and goals for my ENG4U e-learning course. I’ve usually taught this course F2F only, so I’m working on new instructional strategies for  my literary criticism unit.

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Universal Design (and why you can’t ignore it)

Allow me to be metaphorical–a learning space and tools without universal design in mind (especially in 2016) is like building a new community centre that isn’t wheelchair accessible and allows smoking inside.

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Thoughts on the First Day

5a272b596e4ad80bf5ff3a2a057e6419Who else’s workload just tripled with the start of school today? Who else secretly loves that? Therefore, this will be brief. I need to play with a GoPro and a document camera tonight. Oh, and night school starts next Tuesday, so I have to consider that as well. And, I’ve got 3 modules left in my AQ course that I mustn’t neglect.

This was my first day of being a 100% e-learning teacher in my board. Last year I did a mix of blended and face-to-face and a whole mishmash of things. Today, I went to school with my computer and my lunch. There were no binders, no papers, no photocopying, and no pens.

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Food for Thought: Lone Wolf

Ever feel like a lone wolf?

David Truss blogs about it perfectly here in The Lone Wolf and the Unplugg’d Conference Letters.




Student Interaction Goals 2016-2017

There are 4 types of student interaction in a learning environment, and briefly they are:

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New Tool: Adobe Connect

Check this out:

Synchronous Learning

There are two types of learning in e-learning. The first is asynchronous learning, and this is where a student interacts with material independently, and is not online at the same time as the teacher. An example would be reading and commenting on discussion postings, or corresponding via e-mail.

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