I’m teaching a course that is new to me. It’s HHD3O–Dynamics of Human Relationships. It’s a cool course. It’s about self-esteem, the way we relate to other, relationships in the workplace and our personal lives, conflict resolution, etc.

One of the challenges this term with it being an e-learning course is the team building aspect that is so essential to these types of courses. These courses rely on scenarios, role playing, and analysis of social situations. Group work is really important, because the students need to be able to relate to each other.

I was really worried about making it authentic for students, but then I had an idea–I’d create the whole course to look like a piece of social media. Students would respond to videos, chat, and post thoughts as if it was just another Facebook. One thing I’m trying is to post “PG yet problematic posts.” Students read them and offer suggestions about how to make them more clear or less offensive. They are learning to edit and model correct social media usage by identifying bad usage. I’m also having fun writing terrible (yet PG) things for them to correct.

I’m currently working on a culminating task for them (we teach 6 week terms here in SCDSB Adult Education, so these things happen fast. The last teacher did an anti-bullying project. Anyone have any different ideas?