Although I’m sure no one is keeping tabs on me and the frequency of my blogging, I feel the need to explain.

This past weekend, my husband and I lost a dear friend to very sudden stroke-related illness. Our friend went from 0 to 100–completely fine to gone completely in 5 days. He was 40, and one of our best friends. He was an influential member of our board gaming group, and wonderful, generous┬áperson that had an infectious smile. He was the kind of person that everyone liked. My heart breaks for his wife and extended family.

My professional life is incredibly busy. I’m involved in so many projects in my spare time. Sometimes I decline social events because I’m buried in work. If anyone asked me to take on another responsibility, I’d probably say yes, because I love this job and I love new and exciting things in education. We, as teachers, tend to thrive being workaholics.

However, this serves as a reminder for us. Our #1 job as teachers is people. We teach and help people. They are the drivers and examples of our successes and failures as professionals. We can’t make people #1 in our jobs, but then not do so in our personal lives.

Spend time with your friends and family. Make time to make memories. Put down your marking and planning (sometimes) and be a good friend. If you can make time for one more work commitment, you can make time for those important people. This room is much better when it’s full.