bored-cat_work-600x384Don’t read this post. It’s boring. Yes. I said it. I don’t like talking about assessment. I think a lot about assessment. I employ a variety of assessments. I triangulate assessment. I consider assessment for, of and as learning. I love assessment. I’m interested in how other people use assessment. I just feel like perhaps no one wants to hear me talk about assessment.

As an e-learning teacher, I often consider whether assessment goes through a change or shift in my environment, as opposed to a F2F classroom. I actually don’t think the types of data I collect changes, but I think the way I collect the data has to change. A big part of assessment is observation. This is easy in a classroom. I watch and I make notes. In an e-learning environment, I need to consider discussion postings, chats, collaborative assignments, video posts, hours logged online, etc. This is still observation–it’s just collected differently.

I still assess for learning–students complete a variety of assignments, projects, etc., only they may complete them in a larger scope of media. I’m still measuring learning. I still use assessment as learning–students have the same ability to self assess, peer edit, and complete checklists in an online format. Self evaluations are actually easier in an online format now that I’ve figured out how to use Google Forms. Assessment for learning happens through online bulletin boards like Lino or Padlet, or in KWL charts.

I think assessment is easier online, because I can’t be lazy about it. I have to make sure that I’m looking at a variety of different sources, and making sure that the students’ experience online is “as good” or better than an experience they’d have in a F2F classroom. I think this makes me conscious of that.

But I still think assessment is boring to talk about. Does anyone else feel like this?

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