5a272b596e4ad80bf5ff3a2a057e6419Who else’s workload just tripled with the start of school today? Who else secretly loves that? Therefore, this will be brief. I need to play with a GoPro and a document camera tonight. Oh, and night school starts next Tuesday, so I have to consider that as well. And, I’ve got 3 modules left in my AQ course that I mustn’t neglect.

This was my first day of being a 100% e-learning teacher in my board. Last year I did a mix of blended and face-to-face and a whole mishmash of things. Today, I went to school with my computer and my lunch. There were no binders, no papers, no photocopying, and no pens.

Students came in to get set up and to get help using the interface–I kind of preside over a drop-in centre. The biggest issue today? Logins. Passwords. More logins. Did I mention logins? However, I HAD A GOOD DAY. I set up conferencing appointments with everyone. I made 7 pots of coffee for the drop-in centre. I read student biographies and watched student videos. Some students came in to work in the centre because their houses were “nuts.” They drank the coffee I made. We talked about my Falstaff t-shirt. I put a battery in the clock in my room. I reminded 9 separate people not to smoke directly outside the front door. I recorded two screencasts for my course for a later module. I forgot to take and eat lunch (this is a bad habit of mine).

Some of my colleagues are grouchy. I’m really not. I feel like this has huge potential. I’m not stressed. I’m excited.

Photo Credit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/5a/27/2b/5a272b596e4ad80bf5ff3a2a057e6419.jpg