There are 4 types of student interaction in a learning environment, and briefly they are:


My goals for the 2016-2017 school year are to make each of these interactions as meaningful as possible for my e-learning students, and here’s how:

Student-Teacher: I’m going to host one-on-one conferences with my students on Google hangouts or Adobe Connect biweekly to check on their progress.

Student-Student: Have students work together on scriptwriting by collaborating on Google docs. Facilitate times when students can meet synchronously to work together.

Student-Content: Students will have choices in how they learn. Studenrb-memets will be able to interact through content via textual info, videos, and audio podcasts. I will have at least 2 (and sometimes 3) avenues for students to explore for each block.

Student-LMS: Students will be able to use the E-Portfolio function in D2L this year. It works now, and they will able to archive and store their work there, and track their progress.


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