icon128The new tool I learned to use today is called Evernote. It’s a note taking tool that lets me take pictures of notes, videos, type important jot notes, and attach files. Its logo is an elephant, because elephants never forget.
This tool would be  a really good way for a student to participate in a novel study. A student could record their journalling notes, take pictures of quotes, and write down questions to ask the teacher.

Also, students can find and attach web-based images. I’ve started a very rough and basic note here.

evernoteYou can see that I’ve added some pictures, questions for the teacher, and some thoughts.
Also, Evernote is an app on Android and
iOS, so students can take pictures and notes right from their phones and upload and share them.

Also, Evernote has a built in voice app, so students can speak and record notes and thoughts and they will either save as an audiophile or be converted to text.

I’m a fan. Now excuse me, I have to go use it to write down my grocery list.

Photo credit: evernote.com