I’ve been reading a lot this week about differentiated instruction in relation to e-learning, because it really does weigh heavily on me that I’m not being as effective as I can be in an online format when it comes to granting ease of access for all students. Oh sure, I’ve got tools and tricks, like every teacher, but am I really doing EVERYTHING I can for EVERY kid?

And if I am effectively doing this, isn’t it just one big mess? In an ideal world, couldn’t I just create 30 versions of the same lesson, and teach each student in the way that is most meaningful to them? I don’t need to sleep, right?

I read a blog post this week by Mark Carbone, where he says this fantastic line: “Don’t discount the impacts of micro changes.” (Full Blog Here) Small things can make big differences for students.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be this involved or this hard. Perhaps changing the font to size 16 for everyone (for the students with visual impairments) was good enough this week.

Maybe next week, I’ll have a 2 minute F2F chat with each student via Google Hangout. Then they’ll know I’m not a robot, and that I care.

Maybe I’ll give 3 different choices in how a student can complete this next project, or maybe a student can submit his or her own take on the project, with his or her own criteria.

It’s worth a shot.


Mark’s Blog https://blog.markwcarbone.ca