Every online handle (as long as I can remember) that I’ve ever made is some kind of variation of the words “last czarnian.” It all comes back to reading. In the DC Comics universe there is a small-time character called Lobo.

He’s kind of unpleasant. He’s a vigilante/bounty hunter type character. Essentially he always acts according to his own interests and works for whoever pays him the most. He’s very arrogant. He calls himself “The Main Man.” He comes from a planet called Czarnia that doesn’t exist anymore. There are varying opinions on this, but a popular one is that his planet was struck by some sort of plague or pestilence, and everyone that lived there died. Lobo survived, because he possesses superhuman abilities–immunity, fast healing, etc. So Lobo is the last Czarnian.

Lobo does a lot of pretty bad things and makes a lot of bad choices, but he’s my favourite comic book character ever. I own every comic he’s ever appeared in, including the coveted Omega Men # 3, which is the first appearance of Lobo ever, in 1983.

I think I like him because Lobo is alone. No one likes him. He doesn’t have any family or friends. He doesn’t even have a home planet. So I have a responsibility to like him. Also, occasionally, Lobo makes a good choice, and he doesn’t appear as bad as he is. Indeed, one time he helped Superman on a mission and saved thousands of people. So he has potential. I’m not sure if this has any firm connections in why I do what I do for a living, but it least it answers everyone’s questions 🙂