For the last five years, I have been experimenting with a variety of grade book software and programs. I used to use Markbook (Asylum Software), because when I started teaching, everyone else used it, and I thought, oh, ok, this is what we use.

As a new teacher in 2010, I didn’t realize you could use what you wanted. Once that wonderful revelation happened, I tried all sorts of things. I created my own Excel sheets. I tried (miserably) to use PowerSchool Gradebook–this is the grade book embedded in my board’s reporting software. In 2014 I went back to paper.I started calculating and observing kids and manually doing everything. It worked, but it took too much time.

I just felt like nothing was accurate, and that none of the software aligned with how I taught and assessed anything. This was until I found a program called Edusight. I used it for one complete school year last year, and I think it’s the happiest I’ve been with a program. It looks nice, it breaks down assessments in K-I-C-A, it calculates statistics, and it identifies at-risk students. There is an app now, called Edusight Notes where I can track student involvement right in the classroom (or online). I haven’t tried this yet, but I will this year. I want to see how well it gathers and uses the data I record.

So right now, I’m happy with it. But tell me, what do you use? I want to try it.


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