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When you get too busy to be innovative…

Does this ever happen to you? You work hard to flesh out new ideas, and they start rolling. You think you’re being dynamic. You think you’ve got it together. You think you’re soaring at the pinnacle of the e-learning teacher world. You attend a couple of conferences and people are impressed with your new ideas and you think, man, I’m SO good at this. Continue reading “When you get too busy to be innovative…”

Dynamics of Human…Wait, What?

I’m teaching a course that is new to me. It’s HHD3O–Dynamics of Human Relationships. It’s a cool course. It’s about self-esteem, the way we relate to other, relationships in the workplace and our personal lives, conflict resolution, etc.

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Some Perspective

Although I’m sure no one is keeping tabs on me and the frequency of my blogging, I feel the need to explain.

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BOLTT 2016

This week I had the privilege of attending the BOLTT (Bringing Online Teachers Together) Conference in Toronto, that was put on by our Ontario eLearning Consortium. This was the first conference I’ve ever presented at. There were perhaps 170 attendees from as far away as Ottawa and Wikwemikong (on Manitoulin). The conference was well-organized, and they fed us well 🙂

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Documenting for Learning

We live in an age where our programmed default is documentation. We post things on Facebook, we tweet, and we chronicle. Last night I took a picture of the Texas brisket sandwich I ate in a restaurant in York Mills. I tweet about every new comic book I’ve read that I’m impressed with. I write Yelp reviews. I blog! Any of you who have been following this blog know the bulk of what has been going on in my brain (in regards to e-learning) for the last two months. I’m a pretty open book.


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Absenteeism Online

out-sickI got the perfect attendance award each year in high school, and so did my brother. My mother’s attitude toward school attendance was similar to an army drill sergeant’s. If my internal organs were still in their proper places inside of my body, I was going to school. We lived 700 metres from the school’s football field, so even in inclement weather, she sent us.
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Don’t be a Robot

wall-e-robot-imagesE-learning makes education accessible for so many people. In our board, according to admin, we are now reaching people we never were able to reach before in Adult Education. We can now offer education to students who are working full-time or have other commitments that prevent them from being in a daytime classroom. Enrollment is up, and I’m really excited.

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Replacing Blueberry Muffins is Difficult, but I’ll Give it My Best

muffin1.jpgWhen I was in university I worked at Starbucks, and I would have these types of conversations with people:
Customer: “I would like a blueberry muffin.”
Me: “I’m sorry, but we seem to have sold out of those today.”
Customer: “But I really wanted a blueberry muffin.”
Me: “I’m sorry. There just aren’t any left. Would you like a different kind of muffin?”
Customer: “I drove over here just to get a blueberry muffin.” Continue reading “Replacing Blueberry Muffins is Difficult, but I’ll Give it My Best”

Engaging Activity of the Week

jabberwockyUsually, my 4U students read poems, and we analyze and discuss them. They hate it. This week, in e-learning, I tried a new activity. I’m trying to show them that sometimes we don’t need to know what every word means in a poem to understand it (or to LIKE it).A lot of times students see a word they don’t know, and then they instantly don’t like the poem any longer. I want to change that.
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